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ECHT 2019 Conference

ECHT 2019
5-7 June2019
Hotel Caesius Thermae & SPA Resort
Bardolino (Verona-Italy)

Ecotre Valente will be present at the next edition of  theECHT – Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering for Automotive, from 5 to 7 June 2019 in Bardolino on the Garda Lake.

Our Mr. Cristian Viscardi will be the chairman of the session dedicated to the simulation and, on Thursday 6 June at 14:20, he will present the speech  ” Simulation of heat treatment on Jominy specimen to improve quality of automotive gear box components“, togheter with Mr. Morgano of FCA CRF Metals Bulk.

ECHT will be only in English language and the focus will be the automotive with the following topics:

• Thermo-chemical treatment (carburizing, nitriding, nitrocarburising, …)
• Surface hardening (induction, laser, ..)
• Coating technology and coatings (PVD, CVD, plasma, thermal spray, …)
• Design and construction of industrial heat treatment equipment
• Equipment for measurement and process control
• Quenching technology, equipment and quenchants
• Residual stress and distortion
• Environmental impact of heat treatment
• Environmental aspects of surface engineering
• Tribology and tribological testing methods
• Wear and wear protection
• Modeling and simulation of heat treatment and surface engineering related aspects
• Reliability and process control
• Cost analysis and reduction in manufacturing
• Energy saving
• Bulk heat treatment
• Mechanical properties
• Trattamento termochimico
• Irrobustimento superficiale
• Tecnologia di rivestimento e rivestimenti
• Progettazione e costruzione di apparecchiature per il trattamento termico industriale
• Attrezzature per la misurazione e il controllo di processo
• Tecnologia di tempra, impianti e mezzi tempranti
• Stress residuo e distorsione
• Impatto ambientale del trattamento termico
• Aspetti ambientali dell’ingegneria dei trattamenti superficiali
• Tribologia e metodi di test tribologici
• Usura e protezione da usura
• Modellazione e simulazione degli aspetti relativi al trattamento termico e all’ingegneria dei trattamenti superficiali
• Affidabilità e controllo del processo
• Analisi e riduzione dei costi nella produzione
• Risparmio energetico
• Trattamento termico in serie
• Proprietà meccaniche

For more information and to participate: aimnet.it/echt2019.htm


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